lists nurseries that sell only native plants.

Why?  Because we want to help you, constant steward, to find an ecologically conscientious nursery. We also feel it’s important to support the organizations that aren’t profiting from invasive plants such as English ivy, Bradford Pear or butterfly bush. Let’s give the local “green” growers our business.

Are you thinking about purchasing cultivars? Did you know they aren’t genetically diverse plants? Learn more about these commonly sold plants here.

More genetic considerations: Another point to consider before you shop for plants is The Importance of Local Ecotype: Guidelines for the Selection of Native Plants. It’s wise to seek out and purchase local ecotypes from regional restoration and conservation organizations whenever possible.

Doug Tallamy’s list: 20 Most Valuable Native Woody & Perennials in the Mid-Atlantic

Please email us information about your native plant nursery or your favorite natives-only nursery not listed here. We’d be happy to include that information. Thank you!

Mid-Atlantic Region: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia


Izel Plants
Mail order; retail and wholesale.
Izel Plants Online Marketplace for Native Plants combines the inventories of several wholesale only growers throughout the Mid Atlantic and makes it easy to do “one stop shopping.” Through Izel Plants, a customer can buy these plants in retail quantities. We offer natives in a variety of sizes: plugs, quarts and bare root. No cultivars, no neonicotinoids.

Mid Atlantic Natives
Cobbs Creek, Virginia
Primarily mail order.
Mid Atlantic Natives is an organic practice production nursery specializing in growing plants native to the north east, Mid-Atlantic and in particular our beloved Chesapeake Bay watershed and eastern seaboard. The native trees, shrubs and perennials including grasses, wetland plants, and wildflowers are plants native to Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, Washington DC, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Canada and many more areas of North America. All are nursery propagated from seed, division and cuttings and grown at our nursery. None are ever taken from the wild.

Plant More Natives
Richmond, Virginia
Mail order.
At Plant More Natives, we have combined our extensive design/field experience with a goal to help restore natives in the residential landscape. We now offer over 400 native perennial species and cultivars at our online mail-order only store. We work with growers in central Virginia, selling only very mature landscape-ready plants and shipping to 25 states east of the Mississippi River. Please let us know if you have any plant and/or design questions. We’re here to help you Plant More Natives.


No native plant nurseries… yet!


Adkins Arboretum
Ridgely, MD, 21660, adjacent to Tuckahoe State Park
The Adkins Arboretum Native Plant Nursery boasts the area’s largest selection of ornamental native plants for the Chesapeake Bay gardener since 1985. The Nursery carries an extensive selection of trees and shrubs, perennials, grasses, ferns, and vines. Some of the plants grown at the Nursery are propagated and grown from locally collected seeds and cuttings.

American Native Plants
Middle River, Maryland
American Native Plants is committed to growing and distributing native plants that are critical to the establishment of biodiverse natural ecosystems. Since 1998, we have provided millions of plants to landscapers and contractors throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. We have had the privilege of providing high-quality plants for everything from the Hurricane Sandy beach restoration to the 9/11 memorial in honor of Flight 93. We carry an inventory of over 400,000 native trees, native shrubs, and herbaceous native plants.

Chesapeake Natives, Inc.
Rosaryville State Park, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Retail at plant sales & by appointment; wholesale.
Our passion is to give you in the Chesapeake Watershed a chance to have plants from our watershed growing in your own yards. In return, we gain funds for the research, education, and conservation work we do.
All our seeds are descendants of plants truly native to the Chesapeake Watershed, primarily from the piedmont and coastal plain. We offer our plants only to those who plan to garden within the watershed because we are fighting to keep plants native to other parts of the United States, and the world, from overpowering our locally native species. We do not want our plants causing the same problems in areas foreign to them.

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc.
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Retail and wholesale.
With over 20 years of experience growing native plants we know our stuff. Whether it’s specimen, reforestation, mitigation, conservation, or contract grows, our plant material is native and locally grown so we know that it will transplant into any project.

Delmarva Native Plants
Hurlock, MD 21643
Delmarva Native Plants was founded based on a desire to create change in the environmental horticulture industry.  Our use of exclusively local provenance genotypes is unique among regional suppliers.  All of our upland and wetland plants are grown directly from seed, ensuring natural genetic diversity.  No cuttings, no clones.  Our plants will form the foundation of a viable population wherever they are established, whether it be a living shoreline or rain garden.  We have a diverse array of plant species available, covering a broad range of habitat types.  Everything from salt water wetland plants to dry upland meadow. We specialize in growing wetland plants: Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass) and Spartina patens (salt meadow hay)

The Elms Native Plant Nursery
Dameron, MD 20628
Sales for community projects. Periodic retail plant sales.
The Native Plant Nursery @ The Elms is a non-profit community service program of the Elms Environmental Education Center and St. Mary’s County Public Schools. The nursery’s mission is to promote the transformation of community landscapes from primarily non-native environments to primarily native, ecologically useful habitats by providing free or low cost native plant material.
Plant material is available free of charge for all school based projects where students are involved and directly benefit from the project. Such projects may be initiated by students, teachers, scouts, Master Gardeners and others. For community projects where students are not directly involved plant material is available at cost. Note: Plant material is available to the general public only during designated plant sales.

Environmental Concern
St. Michaels, MD 21663
Wholesale; retail spring & fall sales and by appointment.
Environmental Concern Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation, that is dedicated to working with all aspects of wetlands – the most productive and fascinating ecosystems in the world.  After more than 40 years of providing wetland services in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and beyond, we continue to broaden our partnership efforts.  We have made significant progress in the ongoing effort to improve the water quality in the bay; yet there is still much work to be done.  Protecting our wetlands is vital! At our 7 acre facility at the head of the San Domingo Creek in St. Michaels, MD, our native plant nursery propagates and grows over 120 native wetland and upland plant species. In addition to supplying shrubs and emergent grasses to wholesale and retail buyers, the nursery also supplies wetland plants for EC’s restoration and education projects.

Herring Run Nursery, A Program of Blue Water Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 21234
Retail and wholesale. Visit the website for retail plant sale dates.
Herring Run Nursery is a non-profit nursery operated by Blue Water Baltimore that specializes in selling native plants grown in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. The Nursery offers more than 250 native species of trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, and plants to both retail and wholesale customers. We strive to offer native plants which are beautiful, durable, high in wildlife value, and appropriate for Baltimore area landscapes. The majority of our plants are grown from seed, using local sources as much as possible.  We believe that plants grown from seeds collected in local or nearby populations will be better adapted to our soils, our climate, and our ecosytems. If you require specific information about the provenance of a particular plant we grow, we will be happy to provide as much detail as we are able to.

Lauren’s Garden Service Native Plant Nursery
Glenwood, MD 21738
Shop in person and view a nice selection of locally grown, locally native plants! We stock locally native trees, shrubs, and perennials at our contracting headquarters. We stock mostly straight species natives with some native cultivars.

Sylva Native Nursery & Seed Company
Freeland, MD 21053
Wholesale; by appointment only.
We stock a diverse array of wetland riparian, upland forest, meadow, dune, and stream restoration species.  We have also expanded our inventory to include bioengineering materials which are available in different forms.  All wetland plants are “wet cultured” and adapted to grow in hydric soils.  Trees and shrubs are container-grown unless otherwise noted.  We are continually introducing species of native plants not previously found in cultivation.  We welcome your inquiries concerning custom or contract growing.

Tree Talk Natives
Clarksburg, MD 21871 MOVING SUMMER 2023
New address: 157 Vaughan Hill Road, North Field, Rochester, MA 02770
Tree Talk Natives specializes in gloriously beautiful trees that grow naturally in the mid-Atlantic region and areas further north. We have an abundance of Dogwood, Redbud, Sourwood and other flowering trees as well as hardwoods and evergreens. We also have a wide selection of shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. You will love our trees! We grow them from seedlings in special air-root fabric containers that, unlike trees dug up with machinery and wrapped in burlap, retain nearly all of their root systems. Our trees are hearty, lively and healthy, benefiting from years of TLC. Go Natives!

Wild Spirit Native Plants
Thurmont, MD 21788
Wild Spirit Native Plants is a small nursery growing only straight species native plants. We do not grow any cultivars or nativars. We grow plants native to Maryland’s piedmont and mountain regions. 
Our plants are grown from seed only, no cuttings or divisions, to maintain genetic diversity. We are an open-grow nursery, meaning that the plants are not grown in a greenhouse. This results in strong, healthy plants that are in-tune with the seasons and less susceptible to greenhouse pests and diseases.
We grow our plants in a peat, perlite, and vermiculite free organic mix. We use organic and sustainable growing methods and of course, no neonicotinoids.
Our nursery is not open to the public at this time. Please send us an email to place an order and arrange pick up. Also, check out our event page to find us at plant sales, garden fairs, and farmer’s markets.


Clemenson Farms Native Nursery
Estell Manor, NJ 08319
Wholesale with periodic retail sales.
Clemenson Farms Native Nursery rests on 34 peaceful acres in southern New Jersey. Elia Clemenson started farming this location nearly 50 years ago. In 1994, Elia’s grandson, Arnold, transitioned the farm to growing native trees, shrubs, and grasses for restoration of native habitats.
For the last 15 years, Arnold Clemenson and his family have provided quality native plants to landscapers, nurseries, municipalities, and developers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States.

Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, LLC
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08234
Mail order and appointment only.
At Earth First Native Plant Nursery and Gifts, our mission is to combat habitat degradation and protect wildlife by heightening awareness and promoting the use of native plants in the home garden.  By offering hard to find native plants at reasonable prices, we aim to:
Replace native plants lost to sprawl and development
Reduce the incentive to harvest wild plants leading to their decline.
Provide food/shelter for local wildlife populations
We only sell plants native to the mid-Atlantic and Eastern seaboard.

New Moon Nursery
Woodstown, NJ 08098
Our focus on Eastern native plants allows us to dedicate time, energy, resources and knowledge to growing specific plant lines for our customers. New Moon Nursery is your primary provider of herbaceous perennials, grasses, vines and ferns.

Pinelands Nursery and Supply
Columbus, NJ 08022
Wholesale only.
Today, Pinelands Nursery is one of the largest native plant nurseries in the US, supplying millions of plants for environmental restorations throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. With seed collection in New Jersey, Virginia and New York, we are proud to be able to propagate plants that are genetically adapted to local conditions.

Steinbeiser’s Farm and Native Plant Nursery
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Wholesale to contractors and open for select days in the spring for retail sales. Call for appointment.
We carry locally grown B&B native plant material and container stock. When possible, we grow our nursery stock from locally collected seeds and cuttings, we feel this produces plants that are better adapted to our local ecosystems. Our goal is to grow high quality native plant material for the landscape industry and homeowner.

Toadshade Wildflower Farm
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
Mail order and at the Hunterdon Land Trust Farmer’s Market.
We started Toadshade Wildflower Farm to make native wildflowers, particularly perennials, more easily available. Our intention is to 1) provide native, perennial, propagated wildflower plants, 2) identify available plants clearly by both common and scientific name, and 3) clearly summarize the native range and growth requirements of the wildflowers for sale.

Wild Ridge Plants, LLC
Pohatcong, NJ 08865
Retail and wholesale.
Our plants are nursery-propagated from local eco-typic seed. We use an organic, peat-free potting mix and only organic fertilizers. We focus on growing native plants for ecological restoration and landscape design, as well as native edible and medicinal plants. 


Amanda’s Garden
Springwater, NY 14560
Retail and wholesale.
Amanda’s Garden Native Perennial Nursery has been providing high-quality nursery propagated native perennials to museums, botanical gardens, community, city and state parks, landscapers, professional gardeners and private homeowners for over 21 years.  The emphasis of business practices at Amanda’s Gardens is on the preservation of native species, the production of high quality, healthy plant stock and meeting the unique needs of each customer.  What this means to our customers is that we will pay particular attention to their needs, take the time to learn about their preferences and conduct site assessments and research habitat histories in order to create attractive, easy to maintain and ecologically efficient landscapes.

CW Native Plant Nursery
Akron, NY 14001
The CW Native Plant Nursery’s mission it to provide the best quality nursery plants native to the Western New York area. This nursery began the moment we discovered that few, if any, native species are offered for sale in mainstream nurseries. Our local roots keep us grounded and community-focused. We’re proud to provide quality plants and products, and the highest level of customer service you’ve come to expect from a local business. Stop by to enjoy the beauty of nature and leave with something that will help bring nature home.

Dropseed Native Landscapes
West Hempstead, NY 11552
Nassau County’s ONLY Native Plant Nursery! Our plants grow from Orient Point to the Manhattan Highline! At Dropseed Native Landscapes we care deeply about preserving the local ecology. This includes at the genetic level, where we strive to utilize plants of Long Island provenance in every project. This helps preserve the populations of native plants that are the most adapted to survival on Long Island, ensuring their genetic resilience persists into the modern world.
We also understand the importance of supporting other local, family-owned businesses. This is why we choose to purchase plants from small family nursery-growers right here on Long Island first, before looking to out of state sources. These are just a few of the many ways we are supporting local business, reducing shipping emissions, and preserving nature for future generations.

Hilltop Hanover Farm Native Plant Nursery
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Hilltop Hanover Farm is proud to offer seed-propagated native plants for your habitat gardens, pollinator pathways, and ecological landscapes! For over a year, Hilltop Hanover Farm has been developing a farm-based native plant nursery as a full circle biodiversity initiative designed to protect existing natural habitats and conserve native flora specifically adapted to our ecoregion. Our process is slow, because our focus is on the stewardship of local ecotypes, which are plants adapted to a specific local ecoregion. For us, that means plants from Ecoregion 59, the Northeastern Coastal Zone. The seeds we use are wild-collected and come from protected habitats within our ecoregion and hardiness zone. All seeds are collected by trained botanists with landowner permission using protocols designed to ensure that genetic diversity is retained, and wild plant populations are not compromised.

Long Island Natives
Eastport, NY 11941
Retail and wholesale.
As one of the most comprehensive native plant producers in New York, Long Island Natives is dedicated to growing a wide variety of native species representing the local flora of the Northeastern U.S. Long Island Natives specializes in growing container trees for use in conservation efforts for parks departments, municipalities, and native gardeners.  Many of our plants are ideal for local habitat restoration and re-vegetation projects.  Our nursery uses local seed sources whenever possible to produce plants that are genetically adapted to our local climate.

Native Earth Nursery
Bolivar, NY 14715
Native Earth Nursery specializes in hardy native perennials, many that are suited for wetlands and ponds.  We are a woman owned business, located in Southwestern NY State.  We are within two hours of Buffalo, Corning, and Rochester.  All the species of plants that we sell are found growing naturally in New York State.  We’ve chosen a wide variety of hardy plants, and many are a food source or host plant for native insects and song birds.

Wild Gardens Nursery
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567
Wild Gardens Nursery grows and sells native perennial plants in Westchester County, NY. Our goal is to renew suburban landscapes in the lower Hudson Valley by providing local gardeners with the information and biodiversity they need to create vibrant, beautiful habitats for people and other wildlife. Our nursery promotes sustainable ecosystems at all levels, including the reduction of plastic waste in the process of growing and marketing our plants.


Marysville, PA 17503
Wholesale only.
Aqua-niche is an ecological consulting and habitat restoration company located in Marysville, PA.  We have over 17 years of experience providing all types of ecological consulting and habitat restoration services.  In addition to these services we operate our own native plant nursery.

ARRC Native Nursery
Glen Rock, PA 17327
Aquatic Resource Restoration Company’s native nursery was established in 2005, and has grown over the years from one greenhouse to our 12+ acre greenhouse and nursery facility in Glen Rock, PA. ARRC’s native nursery focuses on providing quality native plant material used in reforestation, wetland, stream restoration, and native landscaping.

ArcheWild Native Nurseries (formerly American Native Nursery)
Quakertown, PA 18951
Retail and wholesale.
We have learned that our best customers demand Open Pollinated, Local Ecotype (OPLE) plant material, so our business narrowed its geographical coverage to those areas where we could collect seed. Through our seed collection activities, we have become the regional expert on native plant communities and their soil and hydrologic requirements.

Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve
Native Plant Nursery
New Hope, PA 18938
Over 200 species of high-quality native wildflowers, vines, ferns, shrubs and trees are offered for sale throughout the growing season. Most perennial species offered are propagated in our nursery facility from our own plant collection. Look for our quality seal to know that you are buying a piece of the Preserve – local germplasm that was grown without the use of neo-nicotinoids or other harmful chemicals.

Collins Nursery
Glenside, PA 19038
The nursery is open by appointment and during open houses in the spring and fall. Collins Nursery specializes in container grown plants that are native to the mid-Atlantic region. Our plants are propagated from locally collected seed whenever possible. All of our plants are straight species making them suitable for both gardens and ecological restoration. Trees and shrubs make up most of our stock, although selected perennials have recently been added.

Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery
Orefield, PA 18069
Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery is the only nursery in the Lehigh Valley specializing in native plants. Our horticultural staff is the best in the area. Simply put, we know plants.
We are committed to sustainable growing practices. Our plants are not forced with growth hormones, we use minimal pesticides in the nursery and practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management). We offer quality container grown native plants including trees, shrubs, grasses, ferns, and wildflowers for the mid-Atlantic region, as well as a small selection of native aquatic plants.
We specialize in matching the right plant to the right place, whether you are working on a home landscape, woodland, wetland, hedgerow, or rain garden. We offer small-scale contract growing and can assist landscapers in design and plant selection for their clients.

Good Host Plants
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Retail and wholesale.
Our mission is to promote biodiversity by growing straight species native plants, indigenous to Philadelphia and the Mid-Atlantic region, using open-pollinated, local-ecotype plants whenever possible to promote genetic variability. We do not sell native plant cultivars (or nativars) – plants with traits isolated due to artificial selection, since this process greatly limits or excludes genetic diversity and adaptability.
We use peat-free, organic potting mix and organic fertilizers. We do not use insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We don’t use hormones or growth inhibitors/regulators on our plants. If you come to our nursery, our flowering perennials won’t be frozen in a perpetual state of bloom. You might see signs of insect foraging on the leaves, and that means they’re providing a function in the ecosystem… and that’s a good thing, since that’s the point of carrying the species we grow.

Heartwood Nursery, Inc.
Felton, PA 17322
Retail and wholesale.
Heartwood Nursery, Inc. is a woman-owned business founded in 1992. Heartwood Nursery and Garden/Gift Shop is owned and operated by Susan Hunter (formerly Dieter), who is recognized as a leading woody plant propagator and American holly specialist within the horticultural industry. Previously located in Monkton, MD, the entire nursery and propagation facilities moved to the main location near Stewartstown, PA, just over the Maryland line, where we sit on 70 beautiful acres.

Keystone Wildflowers
Robesonia, PA 19551
Retail and wholesale.
Keystone Wildflowers is a small family operated grower of native perennial plants, both flowers and grasses in the rolling laurel highlands of south-eastern Pennsylvania. We are surrounded by dairy farms and public woodland preserves. Our 13-acre property features open shaded mature oak trees with a sprinkling of native mountain laurel. It is here that we have planted many nursery stock gardens over the past 12 years. We start most of our nursery stock by either seed or root divisions. All the species we propagate are either native to the Mid-Atlantic, Upper Mid-West, or New England regions and all our nursery stock is hardy herbaceous perennial flowers and grasses.

Kind Earth Growers
Ottsville, PA 18942
Retail (months vary) and wholesale year around.
Kind Earth Growers is a Native Plant nursery in Ottsville, PA. We grow open pollinated straight species perennials for installation in green infrastructure projects, habitat restoration & the home landscape. Native plants provide the foundation for ecologically diverse communities & resilient habitats. These habitats enhance the human interaction with the broader landscape and provide vital support for pollinators, birds & other wildlife.

Natural Landscapes Nursery
West Grove, PA 19390
Most of the nursery is dedicated to growing native shrubs and trees in raised in-ground beds. Beds are mulched and surrounded by grassy margins to improve and protect our precious soil and water quality. In-ground nursery stock is not irrigated, receives little or no fertilizer, and no pesticides. Any plant that is not well rooted is unlikely to survive, and our customers receive plants that have proven themselves in the real world.
We also have a modest container operation, which allows us to grow seedlings, root-prune trees before they are planted in the field, and provide natives for customers who require pots for their retail sales. Most of our plants have been grown from seed, allowing their natural variation to shine. We prefer to foster this diversity, the stuff of evolution, rather than to just grow the easier cultivars.

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery
Kirkwood, PA 17536
Octoraro Native Plant Nursery celebrates 18 years of business in 2008. We specialize in container grown mid-Atlantic and Eastern regional native trees and shrubs.
“Octoraro” in the original Lenni Lenape Native American language means, “Muddy River.” Given that most of our plants are used for environmental restoration and conservation projects focused on improving water quality, we think it’s an appropriate name for our nursery. Additionally, our nursery is located on the west branch of the Octoraro Creek in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
In addition as a company supportive of our natural world, we maintain environmentally sustainable practices where and whenever possible. We will continue to explore growing practices that improve the quality of our plants while minimizing our impacts.

Redbud Native Plant Nursery
Media, PA 19063
Retail and wholesale.
Redbud Native Plant Nursery offers excellent quality container grown native plants including trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, ferns, wildflowers and aquatic plants for the mid-Atlantic region.
We maintain an extensive selection of plants for woodlands, wetlands, riparian buffers, meadows, hedgerows, shrub borders, rain gardens, ponds and home landscapes for our retail and wholesale customers.
We strive to offer the most diverse selection of native material in the region. Our plants are nursery propagated – never wild collected. Whenever possible, we offer plants that are straight species (not clones) and seed grown. We grow in an organic, peat-free potting mix and plants are cared for without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education: Native Plant Shop
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128
Since 2005 we have offered over 200 species of high quality and affordable native plants, attracting thousands of gardeners from around the region every year. The nursery sales additionally help to fund our nature education programming and land restoration work.
Whether your garden is 10 acres or 10 square feet, we have unique and beautiful specimens for any space, and experts who can help with any garden or plant-related questions you might have. Check back in regularly for new stock throughout the season!

The Wilderness Greenhouse Native Plant Nursery
Daikon Youth Services
Boiling Springs, PA 17007
Retail and wholesale.
The Wilderness Greenhouse is a teaching nursery, working with at risk youth across South Central Pennsylvania to develop employability skills and make deeper connections to the world around them. Our Native Plant Nursery was established in 2014 to provide experiences for our students as well as a local source of native plants for land trusts, environmental groups, educational institutions, government agencies, landscape contractors and home gardeners in South Central Pennsylvania. We offer over 200 species of forbs, grasses, ferns, vines, shrubs and trees.
All of our plants are container-grown and nursery-propagated from seed, cuttings or divisions; none are collected from the wild. Many of our plants are grown from regional seed carefully collected by our volunteers and staff in our region. All proceeds benefit our work with children and families. Open seasonally and by appointment.

Winghaven Nursery
Coburn, PA 16832
Winghaven Nursery provides container grown trees, shrubs, perennial wildflowers and ground covers that are native to Pennsylvania. We specialize in plants that are of particular benefit to birds and pollinators, so naturally we don’t use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormones or growth regulators in their propagation. Our goal is to provide healthy plants with well-developed root systems for optimum survival and quick establishment in the landscape. We are located near Coburn, which is in Penns Valley, about 25 miles east of State College, PA.


Beloved Brook Natives
Stanardsville, VA 22973
Founded in 2023, Beloved Brook Natives is a woman-owned micro-business in Greene County, Virginia. All of our native forbs, grasses, and vines are local ecotype with seeds, plugs, cuttings, and divisions ethically sourced from the Piedmont Uplands (64c) ecoregion. Our trees and shrubs are grown from seedlings produced by the Virginia Department of Forestry.
Starting in Spring 2024 our new Ruckersville nursery will be open by appointment. You will have our full, undivided attention to answer your native plants questions, or you can browse on your own. We will also be selling our plants at the Greene County Farmers Market.

Earth Sangha Wild Plant Nursery
Springfield, VA 22150
Retail and wholesale.
The Wild Plant Nursery is a unique resource for ecological restoration in the greater Washington, DC, area. Established in 2001 in Springfield, Virginia, under an agreement with the Fairfax County Park Authority, the nursery is the region’s most comprehensive source of local, wild native-plant material (“local ecotypes”). The use of local ecotypes is a standard best practice in ecological restoration because that helps to safeguard genetic diversity and local adaptation in the species planted. The nursery is currently working with about 340 species, some uncommon or rare in the wild in this region. For many of these species, our nursery is the DC area’s only source of production — local ecotype or otherwise.

Garden Gate Landscape & Design, LLC,’s The Nursery at Garden Gate
Bowling Green, VA 22427
Retail and wholesale. Lakeside Farmer’s Market.
Over 125 varieties of Virginia Native Plants: Woodland, Meadow, Trees, Shrubs
‘The Nursery at Garden Gate’ is a native plant nursery.  I do not dig plants from the wild.  I do collect some local seed, these will be noted.  I grow many from seed; and purchase bareroot and plugs for the remainder.  My potting mix is a 60/40 mix of compost and fine pine.  Fertilizer is now organic.  Plants are never sprayed with pesticides. The nursery, at times, host many butterfly larvae. They are not over watered or over fertilized forcing them to look perfect when they are ready for sale.  They will, with proper care and placement, have a very healthy start in your garden and give you years of enjoyment.

Hill House Farm & Nursery
Castleton, VA 22716
Retail by appointment.
We are dedicated to growing high-quality native plants for gardens, landscape restoration projects and habitat creation.
The plants we offer are chosen for their aesthetic qualities, their durability, their vigor, and their wildlife benefits.  We sell only our own nursery-grown plants that come from seed or division, or are propagated vegetatively—never wild-collected.
Our goal is to help our customers create harmonious gardens and diversity-rich landscapes, and to preserve and restore our natural ecosystems by doing so.

Hummingbird Hill Native Plant Nursery
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Hummingbird Hill Native Plant Nursery is a retail nursery located in the heart of Free Union, Virginia. We offer a large selection of quality container grown native plants including wildflowers, ferns, shrubs, grasses and vines for the mid-Atlantic region.

Little Bluestem
Afton, VA 22920
Retail and wholesale.
Little Bluestem exclusively grows local genotype native plants endemic to central Virginia. Plants are propagated from seed and cuttings responsibly gathered from wild populations.
Little Bluestem cultivates a resilient and harmonious future for Central Virginia’s land and people- human and otherwise- through collaborative projects, community education, and local genotype native plant propagation. Our nursery seeds, tends, and distributes native plants that are essential to the resilience of our bioregional ecosystems. Community partnerships and educational programs focused on ecology and land-based skills facilitate the exchange of information, labor, and nourishment between ourselves, our neighbors, and the non-human inhabitants of the landscape for the mutual benefit of present and future generations.
Our nursery yard is open for pickups by appointment only. Please call ahead when planning a visit.

Mid Atlantic Native Plant Farm
Cobbs Creek, VA 23035
Retail and wholesale.
We at Mid Atlantic Natives focus on, and a grow plants native to the north east focusing on the Chesapeake Bay watershed and eastern seaboard. The native trees, shrubs and perennials including grasses, wetland plants, and wildflowers propagated from seed, division and cuttings and grown at our nursery. We specialize in plants native to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia. None are ever taken from the wild. All are nursery propagated.

The Natural Garden
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Retail and wholesale.
In our 30 years of working in the Shenandoah Valley and Piedmont area, we know what native plants work! The Natural Garden is an ecological design-build company that offers a wide selection of regionally grown natives that we use to create a living landscape for our clients. For those who would love to support their local pollinators and other beneficial organisms, we offer habitat packs – a collection of 5-7 different species that are known to play well with each other.
Our nursery supplies high quality trees, shrubs, and perennial herbs to our local retail markets as well as to our landscaping and habitat restoration clients. The Natural Garden believes in creating spaces that will stand the test of time using old world stonework to complement the native plant gardens and meadows.
Areas we cover include Albemarle, Green and Nelson County’s and the Shenandoah Valley.

Reedy Creek Environmental
Richmond, VA 23225
Retail and wholesale.
Reedy Creek Environmental was created in 2016 to address the scarcity of native plants of local ecotype in the metro Richmond, VA area. It is clearly beneficial to grow native plants that are “as local as possible”.  Members of the metro Richmond community will now be able to buy plants derived from seeds of known origin from Reedy Creek Environmental.  In most cases, plant sources will be identified by watershed, ecoregion, and county/city and will be derived from healthy populations within 50 miles of Richmond.
In addition to being a source for native plants of local ecotype, Reedy Creek Environmental also provides educational services and resource assessments.  They have provided presentations to Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, and the Richmond Tree Stewards for many years and want to continue promoting the importance of conservation landscaping with native plants.

Seven Bends Nursery
Winchester, VA
Retail and wholesale.
We provide an assortment of flowers, grasses, trees, and shrubs native to Virginia, as well as property consultations and installations. All of this is done with a focus on sustainable horticulture and ecosystem-based landscaping. Find us at select Plant Fairs around the northern Virginia region, or visit our website to schedule a time to meet in person!

Southern Branch Nursery
Chesapeake, VA
Southern Branch Nursery, Inc. provides consultation, design, and installation services for wildlife habitat and wetlands conservation.  We prepare landscape design master plans for large and small garden areas. We strive to use only the native straight species (as opposed to cultivars) of plants.
Cultivars are a vegetative clone of one another and have therefore lost their genetic diversity.  However, the straight species of a native plant has gone through the natural reproductive process.  Natural selection has deemed these plants to be healthy and more attractive to pollinators.
Southern Branch Nursery grows native plants for sale to the public, to the landscape nursery trade and to nonprofit organizations.  We propagate native wetland plants and upland trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflower perennials from locally collected seed sources.  We grow native plants, including pollinator, host and nectar plants, freshwater and saltmarsh tolerant grasses and wildflowers, wetland and riparian buffer plants.  We do not use pesticides in our nursery; our aim is to support, never harm, the local fauna.

Twinleaf Native Nursery
Lovingston, VA
Twinleaf is a wholesale Virginia native plant nursery located just south of Charlottesville. We specialize in perennial plugs and quarts of plants native to the Mid-Atlantic region, striving to use local eco-type seed and organic production methods.

Watermark Woods
Hamilton, VA 20158
We bought our property in 2009 and have always known we wanted some sort of a small business.  As we volunteered with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and the Audubon at Home programs it became clear to us that making native plants more readily available to the people of Loudoun County was the way to make a difference in our community.

White House Natives, LLC
Luray, VA
White House Natives, located on the historic White House Farm in Luray, Virginia is dedicated to the production of quality nursery stock for the wholesale landscape industry of Virginia. Unlike most nurseries though, White House Natives is committed to only the growing and harvesting of plant materials that are native to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Wood Thrush Natives
Floyd, VA
Retail and mail order.
Our nursery is dedicated to discovering, growing, and promoting rare and unusual plants that are native to the Appalachian region. These plants are the foundation of the ecosystems that give us clean air and water while also supporting all the birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife that enrich our lives and on which we ultimately depend. They are our heritage, surviving the ancient glaciers, used and appreciated for generations by Native Americans and early colonists, grown by us, and planted by you into your garden.

Yellow House Natives (no website at this time)
Berryville, VA
Yellow House Natives, located on our family farm 3.5 miles off of Main Street in Berryville, VA, is a native perennial nursery.  I have approximately 3,000 plants made up of 60 or so varieties- all natives. If you are interested in visiting my nursery, please feel free to contact me via phone, email, or facebook (Yellow House Natives).
Wendy Dorsey 
540 539 5399
[email protected]


Bona Terra
Washington DC
We are a small family-run landscaping business and native plant nursery located in Washington, DC. The Bona Terra Team collectively has 25 years of maintenance experience, over 20 years of growing and plant production, and has designed for 1,000 native gardens. Our urban landscape design, growing practice, and installation business specializes in artistic installations, bay-friendly native gardens and sustainable practices.

Earth Sangha Wild Plant Nursery
Northern Virginia, Springfield, VA 22150
Retail and wholesale.
The Wild Plant Nursery is a unique resource for ecological restoration in the greater Washington, DC, area. Established in 2001 in Springfield, Virginia, under an agreement with the Fairfax County Park Authority, the nursery is the region’s most comprehensive source of local, wild native-plant material (“local ecotypes”). The use of local ecotypes is a standard best practice in ecological restoration because that helps to safeguard genetic diversity and local adaptation in the species planted. The nursery is currently working with about 340 species, some uncommon or rare in the wild in this region. For many of these species, our nursery is the DC area’s only source of production — local ecotype or otherwise.


No native plant nurseries… yet!