2021 Native Plant Sales & Events

The Native Plant Sales & Events calendar is updated regularly so check back often. Contact us to add an event.


EVERYWHERE: Look for your county’s upcoming spring native shrub and tree seedling sales. These young plants are offered to homeowners at an irresistible price.


MARYLAND: Marylanders Plant Trees was launched in 2009 to encourage citizens and organizations to partner with the State to plant new trees. Today, citizens can still take advantage of our coupon program to receive $25 off the purchase of a native tree at 86 participating nurseries across the State.

NEW JERSEY: The South Jersey Landscape Makeover Program is a unique program to provide homeowners, municipalities, and farmers with expert advice and financial assistance to create rain gardens and other “green infrastructure” projects that capture polluted stormwater and prevent it from entering our lakes, rivers, and bays. We’ll host a series of rain garden design workshops and offer free technical advice and funding for homeowners and municipalities. Farm owners will also be eligible for grants to implement stormwater best management practices. This program is for select municipalities in the Rancocas River, Hammonton, Salem, and Maurice-Cohansey River watersheds, but there may be opportunities in other municipalities depending on the project and location.

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Howard Nursery produces bare-root seedlings for wildlife food and cover on State Game Lands. The nursery has been producing and distributing 2 to 8 million seedlings annually for wildlife food and cover since 1954. All Pennsylvania landowners may purchase seedlings for wildlife food and cover, watershed protection, soil erosion control, and for reclamation of disturbed areas, such as surface mine site and utility right-of-ways.

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources Lawn Conversion Program. In Pennsylvania, there are two million acres of lawn. One way to reduce your environmental footprint, help provide clean water, and welcome birds and beneficial insects is to let go of all that grass!

Converting some or all of your lawn to woods or meadow shows you are a good steward of the land, adds natural diversity and interest to your backyard, and reduces the time you spend mowing. A diverse array of native trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, and warm season grasses are much better than turf grass for keeping soil and nutrients in place.

If you’re ready to do your part by converting turf grass to trees or meadow, DCNR offers technical assistance throughout the state. If you (or you and your neighbors collectively) have more than a quarter acre of lawn, you might also be eligible for funding that can pay for some of all of the costs of tree planting and meadow establishment, from planning to planting to maintenance.

Contact the lawn conversion team to learn more about how DCNR can help you care for your land.

VIRGINIA: Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District’s Native Seedling Sale. The Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual seedling sale makes low-cost bare-root native shrub and tree seedlings available to Northern Virginia residents. The 2021 bare-root seedling sale features small shrubs and trees which are hardy in small spaces and bear gorgeous flowers and fruits, and display beautiful colors. The fruits and flowers that these plants grow are important food sources to birds and pollinators! By planting these native species, you are directly contributing to the betterment of our environment. The plants in each package clean our water and air, prevent soil erosion, provide valuable habitat, and add beauty to your property. View the seedlings available in each package below, and be sure to order early! In 2020, our packages sold out within a week! Orders open on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. You must purchase your seedlings in advance, no day of sales or extras will be offered.

VIRGINIA: Grants and Discounts: list courtesy Plant NOVA Natives.

VIRGINIA: My Tree Counts – Help the VDOF. Every tree planted makes a difference to the health of our communities and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) and partners want to highlight tree planting projects from across the state. This year (October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021) the goal for Northern Virginia is 28,500 trees and shrubs. Submit your tree planting to show that your tree counts towards Virginia’s efforts to #ProtectOurBay! We’ll share these stories on the Community Tree Map and social media with #MyTreeCounts.