Virginia Pesticide Disposal Program 2015 — Free!


Free and safe disposal of unwanted and outdated pesticides is available to homeowners and commercial businesses September 15 at Merrifield Garden Center, 12101 Lee Hwy, Fairfax (the Fairfax location, NOT in Merrifield) 9am-1:00pm. Other dates and locations are also collecting. This event happens only once every 5 years. The 2010 collection disposed of over 13,500 pounds of pesticides, weed & feed products and herbicides! Why not consider “going organic” and ridding homes, garden sheds and garages (waterways, wildlife habitats and gardens too!) of these expensive, dangerous and unnecessary chemicals. Please check with the Office of Pesticide Services for more information and a list of acceptable items. This program is sponsored by VTech, VSU, Va Dept of Agriculture and the VA Cooperative Extension. Please share this information with others. Thanks!, Julie Liu, Fairfax County Master Gardener.

Adria Bordas, Extension Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, mentioned that the form need not be filled out if a person is turning in a low volume of pesticides. Please note: Pesticides include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides.

Here’s the disposal brochure/form with state-wide collection dates.

Thanks to grand neighbor and friend, Julie, for sending me this pesticide disposal information.