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How I Killed a Tree (and the Lessons I Learned)

This was a sad day for me and the oak.

This was a heartbreaking day for me.

Once upon a time, not long ago, I shared my property with a handsome, thriving tree.  It’s now dead.  The oak had lived for 55 years, less than half its natural lifespan.  While alive it provided services to many.  It was a perch for birds, a home to squirrels and a source of food and shelter for an untold number of other life forms.

It made me happy.

My tree is gone now, chain-sawed, chipped and hauled away.  I think I helped kill it.  No, actually (full disclosure here) I now know that I did.

Trees are such familiar life forms themselves that we assume we know all about them and what’s best for them.  But there are so many surprisingly interesting things about trees that most of us don’t know but would be delighted, and wiser, to discover.

Why did this fine oak die?  What actions helped to speed its untimely death?  What would I do differently today?  I found my answers in a particularly dynamic lecture given by Joseph Murray, professional educator and arborist, and through some additional investigative research and personal observations. Continue reading